Meet the Gambler Who Lost a $100,000 Slot Machine Jackpot Because His Hot Ladyfriend Pushed The Button

You know how at times you settle on specific choices that you quickly lament? Like taking that one final shot at the club, or attaching with your harmful ex?

Better believe it, those can be terrible choices, yet here’s a surprisingly more dreadful choice: playing the spaces, letting your hot ladyfriend push the catch once for no particular reason, and she wins the big stake rather than you. Ouch, isn’t that so?

All things considered, that is precisely what as of late happened to two companions at a club in Florida, and it is a wild story.

At the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino close Fort Lauderdale, a 66-year old fella named Jan Flato was betting on space machines when he asked his companion, Marina Medvedeva Navarro, to push the catch for him “for good fortunes.”

Good fortunes it was for sure, on the grounds that the stars adjusted and the blessed messengers sang and the reels on the machine arrived on the $100,000 big stake. Hooray!nfortunately for Flato, however, that cash wasn’t his. Gracious, no. The heavy big stake was given to Navarro, in light of the fact that she was the person who had pushed the catch, and as indicated by some sort of bizarre club control, whoever pushes the catch gets the cash. Ahh, that sucks. That sucks along these lines, to such an extent.

“Upstairs, the eye in the sky says she in fact contacted the catch, so we need to pay her,” Flato told the Miami Herald, his severity and scorn unquestionably palpable.The individual who pushes a space machine catch or pulls the arm is the individual who wins the big stake,” said Seminole representative Gary Bitner.

In a circumstance like this, it may be a decent motion to part the cash, correct? I’d suspect as much. However, not a chance! Navarro took the money and got the hellfire out of there.

“I stated, ‘Marina, what’s going on with you?’ and she gets up and exits,” Flato told nearby news site, WSVN.

All things considered, damn. Would you be able to envision how shitty that must feel? Exactly when you think you won 100 thousand, your companion resembles “Nah, that is mine,” and takes the cash and jolts, not notwithstanding leaving you a goddamn cent.And clearly, weeks after the fact, Navarro sent Flato a content saying, “Still abhor me?” to which he answered, “How might you do that to me?” So no doubt, despite everything he detests her.

Clearly, Flato is still extremely salty about the entire $100,000 occurrence, and I don’t censure him. I’d be pissed as well if my companion pushed the catch on my space machine and won a ton of cash and didn’t offer it to me.

Be that as it may, I additionally don’t reprimand Navarro for taking the money and getting the hellfire out of there. As disagreeable as it sounds, on the off chance that somebody said a $100,000 big stake was legitimately mine, I’d presumably take it, as well.

So, Flato has some genuine life guidance for all you card sharks out there: “Absolutely never let them contact the catch, don’t instruct them to contact anything for luckiness, since they can do what Marina did to me.”

Noted, my man.

I figure the lesson of the story is that in case you’re consistently playing a space machine, do everything yourself and don’t give your companion a chance to contact anything.

Pop the coins in yourself, press the catches yourself, pull the lever yourself – simply whatever you do, do it without anyone’s help.